Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future

Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future

Ancient Mysteries Reveal the Future

Place: Dromana Community Hall, 359A Point Nepean Road, Dromana.

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A fascinating journey into the world of archaeology, natural sciences and prophecy.

Improve your emotional health and increase your knowledge at this educational community programme.

Presented by Vadim Butov, a highly-acclaimed lecturer from Avondale college, NSW. Vadim was born and raised an atheist but later embarked on a journey in search of the supernatural. Early on, he discovered that he had a linguistic gift. He currently speaks six languages and reads and understands another eight. Vadim has dedicated many years to in-depth studies of ancient history, predictions and the archaeology of the Middle East. He has spoken to audiences ranging from 50 to 35,000 in more than 20 countries.

To reserve your seat in any of the events below, please call 0417 359 389.

Loneliness – Is There a Way Out?

Time: Friday 9th March, 7:30PM

Take a journey to the Middle Wast and find out with the help of an archaeologist a unique way to cope with a world of negative emotions. Travel through space and find out the most compelling scientific evidence of the existence of the gigantic and intelligent force which made the universe.

The Mystery of an Ancient King’s Dream

Time: Saturday 10th March, 4:00PM

What prevented Napoleon and Hitler from conquering Europe? Travel to ancient Babylon, Assyria and Egypt to find out about the most fascinating prediction of the future which could give confidence and peace of mind to modern man in the midst of crises.

Visitors from Other Worlds

Time: Monday 12th March, 7:30PM

What is the reason for human suffering? Find out the truth about aliens from space who came down to this world in ancient times and today live invisibly among us. How can one protect himself against evil forces?

300 Prophecies Fulfilled at the Same Time

Time: Wednesday 14th March, 7:30PM

Travel to ancient Israel and find out about the man who wrote his biography long before he lived. Discover the secret to emotional well-being and good health.

Ancient Prophecies about Terror

Time: Friday 16th March, 7:30PM

World-wide fear of terrorism, ever-increasing natural disasters, “global warming”, the cooling of the human soul. Is it just an accidental spike in otherwise “normal” human history or the fulfillment of prophecy?

Is There Life After Death?

Time: Saturday 17th March, 4:00PM

What happens to us when clinical death is over? Overcome the fear of dying by critically comparing historical views of death and learn the latest scientific data.

The Most Effective Medicine Against Stress

Time: Monday 19th March, 7:30PM

Sigmund Freud stated than human sexuality was one of our major problems. Karl Marx insisted the problem was economics. Find out the root of most of mankind’s challenges today. You will also discover a solution.

The Secret to Life’s Longevity

Time: Wednesday 21st March, 7:30PM

Discover an ancient remedy for many of today’s ailments.

The next 1000 Years in Prophecy.

Time: Friday 23rd March, 7:30PM

What happens next?

An Important Physical Component to Help one Develop Spiritually

Time: Saturday 24th March, 4:00PM


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